Sunday, July 5, 2009

Color Variation: Pink House Circa 1985-1991

Beautiful sunlight streaming through the openness of the house. 

Original box for the 1985 house. 

Dark pink framed windows. 

I think this is where most A-Frame fans divide into two camps. For me, this is a bad concoction of groovy seventies architecture and big eighties PINK. I can see where Mattel was coming from with this. About 5 years after the original came out in '78, they were probably needing another dollhouse to market and still had the molds to produce the A-Frame, but in the mid eighties orange and yellow were no longer in style colors. It makes sense, but to me is hideous. I am sure there are some A-Frame fans out there that have no problem with it, but as an older fan there is no replacing the original. They even regurgitated the Harvest Gold stove and fridge in pink and white to go with this house (the stickers are better and cooler though), i have never seen the other furniture recycled.

Hot pink dinette set. 

Pink and black, very sharp! Looks like the hutch sticker has seen better days. This is the lighter pink dining room.
A wee bit fuzzy, but in all its glory! 

Pink 'vette, cottage and dream pool. These are either repaints or foreign issue. 

Light pink frames. 
Light pink frames. 

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