Friday, July 3, 2009

How to Find Vintage barbie 1978 A frame dreamhouses

So where do you find barbie's dreamhouse? A lady i talked to said she scavenges yard and estate sales and has sold 8 in the last few years. I have never seen any in a thrift store (and I used to go a lot). So, as i am lazy and dont get up at dawn to comb over yard sales, internet shopping is my preferred method. Love 'em or hate 'em, the best bet is ebay. A quick browser search will reveal that craigslist has them, but only 5 states away, and the seller is not prepared to take payment and ship to you as you are 5 states away from them. As far as what you get for the money timing is everything. Some weeks there is only one or two online for sale and other times there are a dozen. I have seen them as low as $25 plus shipping all the way up to $400 plus shipping for one with the original box and shipping carton, timing is EVERYTHING. The condition varies, i have seen pristine ones not even have one bidder and faded brown incomplete ones go for 100 plus shipping. I bought first one for $60 total. The shipping was $35 USPS parcel post, the seller used at least $10 in packing supplies only leaving him $15 for the house. On average, I have seen them go for around $80-$100 including shipping on ebay. If shipped post office it is sometimes shipped in two boxes though I have found a particular moving box that can fit it all. Some sellers ship UPS and Fed Ex due to size and reliability of carrier. Insurance is always recomended as loss or damage is always a distinct possibility with USPS. Watch them on ebay for awhile and get an idea of the ebb and flow. Your pocket book, desire to have one and timing are the three things that dictate when you will be the proud new owner of one.

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