Friday, July 3, 2009

Brown vs White (paint post)

I would LOVE to refurb this one, but its in Houston, the seller is illiterate, and even if they agreed to pack and ship it I have no way of guarenteeing they will actually send it once I pay through paypal (assuming they have even heard of paypal). Sigh...

The white spots where the lanterns and flower boxes go are further proof that the browning is a result of direct heat/light exposure. 

as it arrived
example of sun discoloration. (one door is turned over)

The pictures just say it all. Although it was almost painful for me to paint a huge vintage toy like the 1978 barbie A frame dream house, it needed to be done. I am sure it technically devalues it and maybe in 100 years someone will think i was an idiot for altering it in any way, but i stand behind my decision to paint. Van Gough would be proud. I would love to see more before and afters if anyone has some good ones. Currently, I am debating wether or not to find a pale yellow spray paint and do the one side of the doors that is brown. I think if i can find the right shade, it would be acceptable. Same with discolored roofs that are sun faded. On the white parts, i did a very light spray, just enough to get even coverage on the main details of the wall itself and door/window frames. this preserves detail like in the woodgrain. speaking of painting, i never liked that the front door lanterns were white like the walls, maybe i can find the right shade of orange or yellow spray paint. they were orange on the cottage and looked pretty good. POST UPDATE: I have completed reconditioning my 2nd ebay A frame. I used 2 cans of spray paint on the first one, and 3 1/2 cans on the second because it was considerably browner then the first. Especially the post covers. I had to superglue a crack on one of the wall panels support column. the windows were still bright yellow around the edges, but several were previously cleaned with an abrasive and are pretty scratched up. the doors were relatively the original color. the floor panels all had dirt stains which came 90% off with soft scrub. be sure to really clean the white wall panels before painting, plan on sitting in front of the TV for a few shows with q tips to get in all the nooks and cranies or else the paint wont stick.

This house is ready for a color change. 

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