Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Post Covers: Where to Find BRAND NEW, Gleaming White, Minty Replacements

I have found an Ebay seller who has FRESHLY MANUFACTURED, identical post covers (or rail sleeves) for the 1978 A Frame Dream House (and 1982 Cottage) for Barbie. Here is their Ebay page:

Contact the seller via their Ebay account. They are wonderful to work with. You will be glad you did! 

Never have to clean, repair, paint, polish (or make from scratch) post covers again!!

Tell them the Blog host from 1978 A Frame DreamHouse blog sent you.  =-)

This is what you receive, the color is off in this photo because it was kind of dark in the room, however, I can tell you that the shade of white is perfect for your A Frame, Maybe we can persuade the seller to have new doors and windows made. =-) 

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  1. This is very good to know. I found the seller on eBay and will have to contact for some brand new covers. Will have to wait until after the new year to replace, as there are Christmas lights on the dream house. Cheers!!