Sunday, June 26, 2016

Custom Houses: Summer 2016

This I like. 

Hmmm, brown patio triangles...

Some have wondered about customizing the house into a mega mansion or condominiums. While you can see here that it is done, I would not suggest cutting the wall posts down to make a custom house since it further reduces the inventory of houses out there. I have placed the houses side by side, added a few 1982 cottages for guest houses or garages and thats always fun. If you want vertical mega mentions, why not buy a 6 foot tall plastic shelf? Its bigger, more open and much less expensive. You could still top it off with an A Frame section. Also see the vintage cardboard townhouses, also stackable.

at $15, this is a MUCH better option fro creating open style condos or mansions for Barbie and her friends. Please do not cut down wall posts to make a cluster-#$%# of vintage toy, folks. You can put the house or cottage on top to cap it off. 

This configuration always reminds me of a shopping center for some reason. The sides could be mid century butterfly roof houses. 

 Faded Glory: Here is the reason why complete restoration is necessary. Many of these homes are just too faded and far gone to leave as is. Just remember to completely remove all dust and dirt prior to spraying.
Im not sure whats going on here, it kind of looks like there was a fire and this is the smoldering remains the next day. Definitely not 'A-Frame Meth House'.

1978 Mattel A Frame Barbie Dream Doll House Red roof yellow floors mod groovy 1970s 1980s custom OOAK 


  1. there is a friend of mine on flicker by the moniker of moonpiedumpling who has a mega mansion that she has done with these- 12 or 10 or them, and she has pictures of them on facebook in one of the fashion doll diorama groups- you may have seen it. She customized her dollhouse with these houses and the cottages and it is amazing. I agree with you on that, it is less expensive in the long run.

  2. Just saw it, thanks for letting me know, wow! Thats more than I ever had at my height of collecting, I think I had 5 at one time, but then they were cheaper 5-10 years ago. I guess I am a purist. I could never break off the wall posts to make a bigger mansion for myself. I really just enjoy returning it to factory condition. Wonder if she follows my blog. =-)

    1. LOL! I follow you now. It took some time to collect all of the houses. I occasionally bought parts and not the entire house which was more afford, at times, than purchasing the whole house. Also some of the bottom floor center rooms do not have the walls. I inserted wood poles (cut to length) into the floor and ceiling holes to give the house an open feel and expanding rooms. The mansion is far from being finished but you can watch the progress on flickr or Facebook.