Monday, July 14, 2014

Box: 1982 Cottage : Closer Look

Recently, a never opened Cottage went for sale on Ebay. It was a few hundred dollars, which may seem high but it did have an interesting history of not only being a foreign issue box but also having belonged to original retail buyers. Also, the box was especially crisp and minty, an unusual trait since most boxes are faded, torn, dented and wrapped in tape by now.

1978 Mattel A Frame Barbie Dream Doll House Red roof yellow floors mod groovy 1970s 1980s custom OOAK 1982 cottage 


  1. I have the fully furnished version of this foreign issue cottage. Never been assembled. I wrapped it in heavy brown paper to preserve the graphics. I'm still debating on whether to assemble it or not. It's still sitting in the closet. One of these days I will have to assemble it or sell it lol.

  2. Very cool. If the box has never been opened, I'd say leave it sealed. Sounds like you have a rare gem. =-)