Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Similar Houses: Others Dare to Compare

HO scale model house. Most likely Pleasantville.

Custom house perhaps? Back when dads would tool around in the woodshop  rather than facebook. 

Fisher Price castle

Random internet image. 

1985 Sylvanian Families House by Epoch. MDF material with plastic resin and wood furniture. 

1950's tin litho house in the cape cod style. 

early 1960' train model house. 

Contemporary Ranch by RGT (Real Good Toys). Wood dollhouse kit YOU assemble. Having built a farmhouse before I can tell you these things suck up a surprising amount of glue, paint and TIME not to mention decor, wall and floor coverings, fixtures and accessories! 

I'm in love...

German looking kit or home made house?? Definitely Mondrian inspired.

Paper dollhouse kit?  Meh...

HO scale train house from Europe in the modern style. 

roof shot of Sylvanian family home. 

Cloverleaf Corners house circa 2012

Very cool, love the fire pit, I would own this. =-) 

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  1. Oh, no! I love this blog. I just left some comments on another post, but when I went to leave another comment, it wouldn't post. I have no idea why the photos would disappear, but it's unfortunate. I wanted to see the photos about the sink solutions.