Thursday, May 23, 2013

Real Life Examples Summer 2013: Living Now: Consumer Guide To Better Housing, Summer 1971 Issue

I bought this about 20 years ago at a flea market, I havent ever been able to find any other issues, so glad I grabbed this one so I could post pics to my blog! This magazine taught me that the design of the Mattel 1978 A Frame Dreamhouse was not just from 1978 but stretched as far back as at least 1971. 

Floor plan 1 with real life triangle patio piece. 
Floor plan 2 with triangle patio. 

Floor plan 3 with triangle patio, see you thought it was just a toy. Someone out there really has this for their home. =-) 

They kind of look like Ken and Barbie. 
Today, I bring it, devoted fans. Where else would you see the real life triangle patio section?  Not to mention the diagonal slat walls. 

The inside of this real life 70's groovy pad. 

How to decorate your new home. 

Mod 360 degree fireplace suspended by chains. 

Real life upstairs center piece. 

Side section profile with theoretical driveway and inexplicable wood wall.

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