Friday, July 27, 2012

Cottage : An Overview

I have been focusing on the Cottage more lately due in part because I have posted about every topic on the big house and these two homes really do have much in common. For one, they almost look the same, another thing is that now that I have the Cottage out and am really looking at it I think that it does stand up against most other dollhouses. Its large, iconic, still has essentially 6 rooms like the 1978 house and is very versatile in the way you can lay it out. Mine is not mint or complete but I love it just the same. You'll notice I took the top part of the 1980 pool, underlaid blue poster board and put everything on fake grass carpet from the home improvement store. At some point I will set up both homes with this as the garage/apartment it could always have been for the large 1978 house.

Temporarily staged with my 1970's Sindy dining room set from the UK. 
Color field rooftop terrace, inspired by Rothko. ;)

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