Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cottage : Renovation : Before, During AND After

Short sale, all offers welcome! 

Clean, dry and ready for some scotch tape. Afterwards I was ready for some scotch of my own. PS Out of my two cottages, my personal one had no post covers and the new purchase ($21 plus shipping) had 4 brown cracked ones. I had 4 repaired covers left over from the shards I pieced together as featured in another post I used for this project (they are featured below).  
Appropriate layout for spraying, you want as many things as possible parallel to get the overspray from the piece next to it plus it goes faster as your sweeping arm movements are more smooth and coordinated. 
The red and yellow parts really do pop against the freshly painted white. Do know that I did not paint the rafters or the side columns. They werent that far gone and it blends okay. See the front right section of railing that was missing I replaced with a poster board scrap by tracing? 
Nothing too exciting back here to report, you can see the repaired columns, they were brown and in pieces, so scotch tape and Rustoleum really work wonders. 
All packed and ready to go to a fresh new buyer. I surround the paper wrap with a combination of bubble and styrofoam. This box is just a smidge larger than it needs to be but its measurements are 23x20x14. 

I really did not want to paint any part of the cottage, but the walls of the new purchase were just too far gone, here you can see why it was necessary. Just make sure all the nooks and crannies are super clean or you will be painting over dust which will be totally noticeable later.

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