Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Other Houses: January 2012 Edition: Selling Spelling Manor

Spelling Manor. Que angel choir or the theme from Dynasty.  The largest house in LA, and the most expensive 'house' in the world, it was originally complained that due to its size (60,000 sq ft) it is an apartment complex and is a code violation due to local area zoning laws. 
Infamous doll museum with world renowned Madame Alexander collection.  They gave Tori the creeps, (and was even in a movie where they attacked her) so she stopped sleeping in there around 11. Complete with air and humidity controlled shelving and heatless lighting. As they would not fit into her new 10,000 square foot penthouse suite, they sold individually at auction for undisclosed prices. I can relate as that happened to me once. 

Tori's very own custom built, solid wood, lighted tudor style home. 

Gramma Candi gave this to Tori's daughter. Who hasn't given a $10,000, 300 pound dollhouse as a Christening gift? Oh, wait, their Jewish. Oy vey! 

Another go-normous house 

Having done a wood doll house kit before I can tell you it takes ENDLESS time, supplies and precision to get it done and look good. 

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