Thursday, January 26, 2012

Customs: Repaints: Black and White

Ive seen similarly painted homes, what do you all think? Its on ebay this week.  Its well done, just a little cold for me. 

Matching rear, nice attention to detail. 

Black floors, far out. 
Listing ended $250, reserve not met... I put as much work into my complete rehabs of this house, but I would never expect $1000 for it. I know without the box it kind of levels off at $150-$250 depending on the week and if it has patio triangles or furniture with it. Plus OOAK is not everyone's cup of tea, so like the 'timber lodge', 'bachelors pad' and 'Chinese restaurant', not sure how people are arriving at $800-$1800 prices.

1978 Mattel A Frame Barbie Dream Doll House Red roof yellow floors mod groovy 1970s 1980s custom OOAK 


  1. I feel like the floors should be sprayed light grey, with white carpet on the interiors. Then the interior would have an all-white look. I also think that the black ceilings on the first floor are making it too cave-like, I would have cut sheets of plastic, sprayed white, to inset the ceilings on the interior. There are holes in the undersides of the floor that would be perfect for affixing a sheet of rigid plastic. You would just have to drill four small holes and get the appropriate size screws. Easy as pie! But this is one of the better makeovers I've seen, from what I can tell from the photos. I still prefer the original yellow/orange/white look though. :)

  2. i saw this house and it didn't make me want it. i don't hate the colors used but i don't love it either. it is kind of a weird color combination to me for the house. i have yet to see an ooak house that amazes me. maybe i am just too set on how the original one is and like it that way :)

  3. Yeah, its cool, but just lacking a little something. Though this woudl actually make a unique art piece. I do think its earned a place in the 'iconic toys' hall of fame with this color combo. I am still trying to score a good deal on an abused house to make it earth tones (some combo of beige, grey, light brown).

  4. It is a very unique design to a doll house. However, some people do appreciate more modern looks, so good for them for designing one like this.

  5. In white room within black curtains have been shown by you. The photo shown by you is very drastic

  6. I have bought the thick white posterboard at the dollar store to create new walls for the house, theoretically they could be used for ceilings and even decks and such. Would love to have some photos submitted, I am happy to post them.