Saturday, September 10, 2011

TV: A Frame in the Movies

I'll most likely be adding to this post as time goes on, but here is the initial draft. The photo is from a little known flick called, 'Scenes from a Chilly Winter' from 1979 starring John Heard. I generally like John Heard though this was sort of a fatalistic slow train wreck kind of film depicting an essentially nice guy falling in love with an emotionally unavailable woman (reversal of stereotype much?). At any rate, she lives in an A Frame with her big ol' goon of a husband and he parks outside and watches at night, eventually constructing a model in which to play out different scenarios of 'getting the girl' with the miniature A Frame house. In this 'frame' you can see him about to toss the house into the trash (as ebayers who part out the walls and small parts routinely do). He is fed up with waiting around and is finally moving on. I dont think I will ever throw my A Frame into the trash, but I thought it would make a semi interesting post. ;-) SIDEBAR: See, the roof goes all the way to the ground, hense a textbook A Frame or swiss miss. I reverted back to calling the 1978 DreamHouse an A Frame because I just didnt think California Contemporary was sticking, though the 2011 'A Frame' is a Malibu DreamHouse, so perhaps progress is afoot.

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  1. I finally watched this film this afternoon after wanting to see it for years because I love all the cast members and author Ann Beattie. It is a very subtle and odd film, with the A-frame dollhouse being one of the strangest touches. John Heard's character was clearly a bit off but not dangerous or deranged. I guess that is how many of us are when we are so deeply in love the object of our attraction doesn't feel the same or is not available.