Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Miscellaneous: Things That Make You Go, 'Hmmm...'

There are many unanswered questions I have about the Mattel California Contemporary DreamHouse that I'm sure many of you have as well. For one, just why are there so few patio triangles? How ironic is it that ebay sellers throw away the big pieces to sell the smaller ones where the value is, when they are selling it to buyers who love these houses and are buying them to complete them? Why is the 1982 Cottage so hard to find? Why do some houses turn brown, and others are almost as bright and white as the day they rolled off the factory assembly line? Why is it that when you buy a house there is more than one window with heavy scratches that look like they were cleaned with a brillo pad? Was ruining one not enough? Same thing with broken hinges. Why dont more people stage these houses with green outdoor carpet that looks like a lawn? Why cant I find a suitable driveway? Why didnt they make a staircase for this house like the 1974 Bionic Woman Carriage house, or subsequent Barbie houses in the 80's and now? Why does the pink house currently cost as much as the original? Its a regurgitated holdover because Mattel was too cheap to design a new house for the 1980's (the Me decade of Dallas, Dynasty and Wallstreet coudlnt even get its own house?). Why do some weeks on ebay I have bought them for $10 plus shipping and other weeks they sell for hundreds of dollars? Why is the 1980 pool so hard to get ahold of, while the 1973 pool is all over the place, with box for like $15 bucks? Same thing with the 1976 Camper versus the 1971 camper. Why are there so many sellers out there that think its okay to use no packing material (or just thow a few walmart bags in there) and a box thats falling apart, when I would never dream of doing that? I pack it extremely well and only get any feedback at all about 1/2 of the time. Why cant I ever find one at a thrift store to save on shipping? Why didnt they ever make another such wonderful house? A pink, hinged victorian does not come close, nor does Hannah Montana's 'swingin' pad'. Why couldnt they have issued different color furniture (besides pink/lavender) in America instead of just Europe? I would love to have an orange and white China hutch and dining room set, or a red and white bedroom set or yellow desk. And why does the couch look like a bean bag chair? The bedroom set comes with a single size bed, so where does Ken sleep? Why didnt Dallas ever get his own stable? Thats all I can think of for now, but I am sure more questions will come up.


  1. Regarding why some houses turn brown and others don't:
    This is just a theory. Was the house made in different countries over the years? I have dolls and clothes from Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, the Philippines and China that were sold during either the 1970s or the 1980s. Perhaps different types of plastic or paint were used?

  2. Thats a definate possiblity. Different factories would have different plastic mixtures. I just dont understand why on the same house some parts are white while others turned brown. I can only guess its a heat/light damage issue.