Sunday, August 23, 2009

Furniture: The Lost Furniture Knockoffs

12" scale

3" scale

In this rare photo you can see the 'knock off' line of Arco brand furniture. Clearly, these were knockoffs since the style, color and inventory was nearly identical in every way, living room set not withstanding. There was a clear blue dining room table not shown here. I know because i had the dining room set as a kid, circa 1983. I cant believe Mattel didnt sue them (unless Mattel was a parent company or had some deal with Arco). This scale would just about fit the 3-D paper centerpiece posted below as they are approximately Marx scale. UPDATE: the two top photos i just found online and is a full 1:6 scale. extremely rare, each went for about $40 and are dated 1984.


  1. Hi Frank,
    Great pics! Are you sure they are Arco? I know that Arco made Barbie toys for Mattel, but they usually looked as nice as mattel! Interestingly enough I saw on Flckr a Barbie dream desk in the color of orange and yellow. It was just like the green one here, but from Mexico. I wonder if it was Arco. I am excited to see this blog. I love the A frame and I have a few of them!

  2. I am pretty sure, the sellers said they are and i have the orange and yellow barbeue set pictured in the cottage post who's box says arco. i checked out flickr but didnt see the orange desk so will keep looking. i constantly see arco furniture i have never seen before so will post any further relevant dicoveries.