Friday, July 3, 2009

Living Room Furniture for Barbie A frame Dollhouse

Here is a nice example of the Barbie A frame dollhouse living room furniture. I love the green, not so crazy about the peppermint candy stripes, but the green contrasts nicely with the house colors and makes sure you remember what decade it is. I dont love that the chair and couch resemble bean bag chairs, I prefer more crisp mid century shapes, but it is what it is. You very rarely find the box for this. If I had the TV i would change the chanel though, no offense B! I recently puchased a vintage yellow dish set and it included the vases/pitcher and cups seen here. I am still hunting for a complete desk set. The living room set came in combinations of green and orange, the German version is yellow with a brown, yellow and white fabric pattern (see variations from across the pond). ANd naturally was regruged as Pepto Abismal Pink for the 1985 re-issue of the orange, yellow and white A Frame.

How rare is that for it so have its original packaging still? Let's hope the buyer doesn't get too excited and remove the plastic parts trees and set it up. 

I am guessing this is a German issued set. Love the lamp and plant, not sure why these parts didn't make it to America. 

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