Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Other Topic: Every Diva Needs A Hot Ride

no website devoted to the A frame house would be complete without the wheels that went with it. The house, camper and vette had several things in common. Age, color and size. They all came out in the late seventies, were bright sunshine yellow and were GINORMOUS (well except the vette). There was a beige western version of the camper, circa 1982, and they both retailed for around $37.95. I would have liked window 'glass' for it, but i am sure by now most of it would be missing or scratched anyway. I liked the vette, but the wire made it kind of lame, remote control isnt that remote with a short cord attached. Back then the only place people had room for all these huge toys was either in the rec-room or carport.


  1. I want the motorhome, but I can NEVER find it in DECENT condition!

  2. That is true. its not a big priority to get one, and if i did, i literally dont have the space for it. Of couse if i saw one in the thrift store for $10 it would be coming home with me. One just sold on ebay for $100, but usually i see them go for around $50. sometimes you can find random parts for sale.

  3. Thanks Frank,

    I really am enjoying your posts and blog, my friend who sells on ebay referred me to it. IT is wonderful. I collect the A frames, and now have 4. Two are complete, and the other two.. well I am working on it. I just need front doors to one, and one front door to the other! What is it with no doors??


  4. Well, I find it ironic that sellers are getting near complete houses at estate sales, selling the doors/windows/small parts on feebay while discarding the larger less valuable/harder to ship pieces, meanwile the buyers are collectors trying to complete houses. Its like one step forward, two steps back at far as saving and protecting these houses.