Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Furniture: Dining Room: Feeling Blue

This is not my favorite set, mostly because of the color. I dont think it goes with the yellow and orange of the house-its not earth tone in any way. I guess it was part of the early seventies space age look. I also dont get the pink accents to the cookware and table accesories. I can sort of acccept the solid blue seats of the set pictured here, but most chairs out there have the ugly patterned upholstery. The clear table top and doors to the china hutch relate to the clear orange doors on the oven which is cool, but its still BLUE!! Brown is my suggestion to this noticable gaffe.

One needs tweezers to set this table. 
Crisp, minty, unfaded china. 
Faded to green.....

As the China Hutch originally appeared in stores. Circa 1981.


  1. Frank, It is very easy to reupholster the dining room sets! You can find green/blue fabric to put over it. I agree though, that a brown would be cool.. especially when there was kitchen accessories in orange and brown...

  2. thats a great idea, it never occured to me to do that. I have decided that it would be okay to get pink re-issues of the dining set and paint them orange, yellow, green or whatever color would go best with the orange and yellow house and re-upholster to match. i only recently realized the reason why they chose blue was because if you put all the furniture together they make a rainbow of colors, relating to the rainbow featured on the Colorforms box. So, shock of all shocks, I am slowly coming to accept the different colored furniture.