Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Birth of the A-Frame

Circa late 1950's, with a distinctly Germanic feel to it (snow slides off steep roofs rather than caving it in). Perhaps this was the original inspiration to the Mattel Barbie A-Frame DreamHouse from 1978. I think there is definately a California contemporary blend to it that was very popular in the late 1970's. Real estate agents call it a 'granola house'. My parents were the granola type, but we lived in an arcadian house in the late seventies. You can see in the illustration the same colors from Miss B's house and decor- orange, yellow, blue and green. I wasn't digging the blue dining room set that went with the toy line, but this softens my opinion a bit. The dangling light fixtures are groovy.

Red roof, white sides, and yellow! 

What a real life upstairs of center section looks like. 

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