Friday, July 3, 2009

Spa time

I love that Mattel thought of this. I would have preferred it to have a sink as well, even if it meant sacrificing the chest and towel rack. We had a squared off seventies toilet but it was teal. I dont own this set yet, but isnt there a 'flushing' mechanism or sound feature? I would have loved a lower profile tub, like they made a lower profile bed since it takes up a lot of space, but its passable in my book. It probably emulated the jetted 'jacuzzi' style tubs that were begining to come out then in homes. The pink toilet came out first, then the plumb one in '82. The towel rack also changed from yellow to white. It seems the plumb boxes were the precursor to the 'pink box era'. I still dont know why they chose pale pink for the bathroom set rather than white, maybe because so much of the house was white already. These generally go for the same price as the living, dining and bedroom sets and the boxes are not uncommon.

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